Rise of the ‘fro

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the title (I think), but I thought it was catchy, so hey! :p. Throughout this week, I’ve been very brave with my hair; no wigs, no weave, nothing! Just my natural hair. I didnt think I could pull it off but I just couldnt stand the thought of installing another weave in this heat. Here’s a breakdown of what I did with my hair throughout the week:
Monday: Wash and go, didn’t do anything special, just my normal moisturizing using my water and glycerine mixture, I’m thinking of removing glycerine because I read somewhere of negative effects, but I haven’t noticed anything yet with my hair so I’m sticking with it in the mean-time. After spraying, I use my profectiv leave-in strengthner cream, apply my shea butter and olive oil mixture and I’m good to go! I had to spray my hair thrice during the day because the sun here is totally insane.

Tuesday: I didn’t have any classes or work to attend to so I was basically jobless throughout the day, I decided to put my joblessness to good use by doing bantu knots on my hair. I started with damp hair, parted my hair in sections, applied my Vitale olive oil moisturizer, profectiv leave-in strengthner, Source 4 Value Aloe Vera enriched Curl Activator(which has anti-frizz properties) and twisted away; twist the hair to create a long spiral then wrap it around itself and tuck it in or secure with bobby pins. I had about 20 knots in total.


Wednesday: I applied olive oil to my bantu knots, unravelled them and wore them throughout the day, I had to spray my hair like thrice throughout the day too.

Thursday: My most frustrated day; I decided to carry my one day old bantu knot out to do a course registration, I just sprayed my hair and added shea butter. “Didn’t you know you were coming to school? why do you look like a mad person? If you dont have comb, come and carry comb from my office and comb this hair immediately!” The ground did not open up to swallow me, I didn’t have any disappearing magic spells, I couldn’t cry in front of my course-mates either. I just carried my bag, went to the toilet, combed my hair into a ‘fro which I had to pat down amidst swearing in languages I didnt know I could speak.

Before and After

Friday: Wash day! I’m doing a hot oil treatment today (hopefully; if my laziness allows me) which I would blog about in my next post. Although I’m not crazy about having waist-length hair, I just want healthy hair but my hair is growing !

Sidenote: Y’all that get positive comments/reactions like all the time, how do you do it? Uggh. Yes, I’m jealous.
Have a fab weekend !


3 thoughts on “Rise of the ‘fro

  1. I hate it when I hear that people have experienced negativity towards their hair. And it always seems to be from people that look like us, that have the same type of hair growing from their scalps!!!! I just don’t get that! I have not had anyone to have the audacity to criticize my hair, at least not to my face. I did have a guy friend of mine to ask me how long was I going to wear it natural and I quickly shut him down. I’m always getting compliments mostly from people of other races, go figure. Sweetie, be confident in your beauty. I think confidence is the biggest deterrent of the negative comments. Don’t let anyone break your spirit. If necessary, think of a quick, comment, the more sarcastic the better I think 🙂 and have it on standby for the times people feel the need to throw negativity your way. Walk in your authority!!! You are beautiful and so is your hair!

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