NH Meets: Thelma

Hey people!
       I’ve had a lot going on for me hence my absence and I apologize x_X. Anyway, guess who finally had her hair colored? Yup! Me. I’ll be putting up a post on that maybe next week. I decided to add a new category Hairspiration. Hopefully it would be a regular thing, med school is really stressing me, first in this series is my friend and fellow coursemate.

Can we meet you?
    I’m Thelma, a medical student at University of Lagos, fashion enthusiast and MUA

When did you go natural?
  I made the decision to stop putting relaxer in my hair November last year but had my big chop January.

What inspired you to go natural?
  I always had thoughts of going natural because I didnt like the relaxed texture of my hair anymore. I was also inspired by my friend Alexandria (Hellurrr :$) who was on a healthy natural hair journey. I lost my dad December and just decided I needed a fresh start after the funeral, that was the last straw really. So after series of research and questioning, I just woke up one morning and had her do the big chop for me.

Do you have a special name for your hair?
Lol. Not yet, I find that a bit weird. Maybe later tho.

What are your favorite products to use?
I use Organics hair food, Profectiv Mega Growth Leave-in Strengthner, Vitale Conditioner, Ecostyler gel and Shea butter !

What is your regimen?
My hair is in the twa stage right now so it’s really easy to maintain, I moisturize, apply Profectiv Mega Growth and Virgin Olive Oil daily. Sometimes at night I put my hair into knots or finger coil to get definition for the next day. And when I feel like putting my hair away, my go-to style is fixing, I’ve found out that my hair doesnt like braiding at all.

Have you been tempted to return to relaxed hair?
Of course ! On some days I’m tempted to pick up a relaxer, but then I think of the day of my chop or look at beautiful natural hair on instagram and just calm down.

Moisturize! Take lots of water, condition and eat healthy!

How can we reach you?
Instagram: Thelmss_xo

Email: thelmaaituaje@gmail.com

Thanks Thelma !

If you’d like to be featured in this category, please send a message to dopeheart18@gmail.com and I’ll see to it that you are!

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Have a fab weekend!


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