Oh My Curls !

    Since I colored my hair, I’ve been extra attentive to it but I might not be able to blog about all the treatments Ive been doing lately (blame it on my tests). Anyway, my favorite product to use in any deep conditioning treatment now is honey, being a humectant and I’m still scared of my hair drying out due to the dye. Funny thing is, I’ve been noticing more coils in my hair since I had it dyed.

What I used
-Mamado coconut oil
-Shea butter
-Vitale leave-in conditioner
-Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil
-Creme of Nature Argan Oil Conditioning Treatment

I mixed all the products in a plastic bowl and let it microwave for about 3 minutes. Normally, I just cowash but I use palm olive brilliant color shampoo for my hair when I feel my hair is in need of a thorough wash and follow up with my VO5 split ends conditioner. Then I applied my warm mix all over my hair with my hands because I wasnt feeling patient for sectioning and using my brush, couldnt find my shower cap either so I had my roommate wrap my entire head with my film wrap for preserving food, tied a scarf over it and I just carried on with my regular day’s work. After 2 hours, I cowashed my hair again and boom! Curls were popping and my camera didnt even do them any justice, my roommate who watched the whole process was also surprised and had me deep condition her hair also.





Have a fab weekend!


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