NH Meets: Mimi

Hey Loves !
      Early this month while playing around in class, someone walked in to talk to one of my friends and I just kept staring at her hair ! I’ve only ever seen TWAs in this school since everyone hopped on the team natural train so it was a pleasing sight and I knew I had to share her with you guys.

Can We Meet You?
Hii, my name is Mipuruaziba Aranye-okilo,”Mimi” for short.


When Did You Go Natural?
I decided to go natural 3 years ago

What Inspired You to go Natural?
Do You Have A Special Name For Your Hair?
I dont have a name for my hair, but I sure do love it a lot!

What Are Your Favorite Products?
It has to be my hair detangler by Organics ! It makes my hair so soft and plaiable, it’s just awesome.


What Is Your Hair Care Regimen?
I braid a lot because it lasts long for me but I wash my hair regularly, use my detangler and blowdry.


Any Tips
I’m a less is more person, so Id advice using less products and just watching the hair grow instead! A detangler is also very important and helps to reduce breakage.


So my friends at Dazzle Hair are having a sale on Hairfinity (whoop whoop!), got a bottle for N6000 but I wont be using it till end of July because I’m writing exams and I dont want stress to interfere with whatever results I should notice after a month, but I’ll be sure to do a review!
Be sure to send me an email at dopeheart18@gmail.com if you’d love to be featured.

Have a fab weekend!


3 thoughts on “NH Meets: Mimi

  1. Hmmm I still got TWA and I’ve just been content with keeping it short for a while now. But I’m thinking letting it grow to about 7 inches and my target is 7months. An inch each month. Its only 3 inches now. But I don’t know, I need advice please. I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of oils and creams and regimens to follow. People that say ‘less is better’ isn’t really doing less. What really do I need for my hair growth?

    1. Hello Mcbeechee, I’ll advise you just stick to a regimen that works for you, eat healthy and take lots of water, however castor oil is good for hair growth, I just started using it for my edges and I’m defimitely seeing changes. Also, I’m about to try hair growth vitamins; hairfinity to be precise, I’ve heard excellent things about it, you could try it out too

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