Hair Closures

Hey Guys!
I had a phone accident and my screen is a mess right now 😦 I’m hoping to have it fixed soon and return to a bit of regular blogging. Anyway, right now my hair is tucked underneath a weave but not for too long. I’m almost done with my bottle of Hairfinity and can’t wait to do a review for you guys!
If you’re a natural in these parts and a lover of weaves (me!), while transitioning or after your big chop, the one thing that would freak you out is not being able to leave out your hair for one hairstyle or the other, the thought of constant use of a flat iron on the hair you’re just trying to grow is equally frustrating, heat damage is too real. Fret not we have a savior! ……..*drum rolls*


There are basically two types of closures; lace and silk. The silk ones are more natural-looking and of course more expensive. Closures are generally expensive over here but I decided to be a good sport and invest in one. I got an 8″ three-part (centre & 2 sides) peruvian lace closure for N10000 and it burnt a huge hole in my wallet but I don’t regret it. Without leaving my hair out, I get to have a nice centre or side part whenever I want. I had mine installed with the sew-in method but I also know you can have it glued from research, I’ve had a bad incident with hair glue in the past so I just stay away from it.
What protective style are you currently rocking?





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