Fashpa 1k Sales!!

Yes guys, you read right. 1k. Asin 1000 Naira only. Plus free delivery on other items not in the 1k shop. If you’re a fashionable person and love keeping up with latest trends without breaking the bank, this is the utmost game changer and lifesaver.

To celebrate their one year anniversary, fashpa.com/ambassador/nnamaka is offering customers and Nigerians nationwide the opportunity to shop until they drop! Get original designer pieces for 1000 Naira from 12a.m 19th -12a.m 21st November. Also stand the chance of winning 50000 Naira in the ongoing #Shoki4Fashpa competition on Instagram.

Tell a friend to tell a friend!
Be in the know:
Twitter: @fashpaonline
Instagram: @fashpa
Shop from the 1k Shop Fashpa 1kShop

Look whose order arrived the same day


I’ll be putting up a post on another mega sales starting soon, follow the blog to receive an email alert.



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