NH Meets: Chioma

Sometime last week, I casually asked if anyone knew girls with natural hair on my Twitter timeline, I honestly wasn’t expecting an answer, but then I came across Chioma and she was gracious enough to answer all my questions promptly plus her hair is amazing!

Can we meet you?
My name is Chioma and I’m a student living in Scotland.

When did you go natural? Why?
My natural hair journey began on a new year actually. January 2012, after my friend’s birthday party. Noticed I was developing a little patch where I had a relaxer burn some years ago.
Absolutely hated it and decided to go natural (to see if it would help).

Reactions to your going natural?
Didn’t have bad hair pre-going natural so my few female friends didn’t know why I was bothering. Funny thing is, they both decided to join the natural hair gang eventually!
First few months were hard, not knowing how to care for my new growing roots so there was a lott of frustration. But with time (and plenty YouTube tutorials), I learnt how to manage it.
I did my (not so) big chop a year later.

Describe your hair
My hair is a combination of 4b-4c, but predominantly 4b.

What is your hair care regimen?
I really don’t have a special ‘regime’ so to speak. I like to try different oils on my hair and my favourite is coconut oil for now.
I don’t use gel on my hair because haven’t found one that:
1. Makes my hair sit
2. Doesn’t flake.

I don’t wash my hair too often so I don’t strip it of its natural oils and when I wash, I air dry it.
I’ve avoided using any form of heat for my hair and it has worked out fine so far.
Every now and again I do an ACV rinse.

What are your hair goals?
I used to be obsessed with hair length! This time last year, I couldn’t wait to have ridiculously long hair. Now, I just want a healthy head of hair.

Less manipulation (so you’re not pulling Constantly on your hair)
Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. I usually just leave my hair out.
Other times, I do twists (or faux locs with marley hair), or an all back then don a wig.

How can you be reached?
I can be reached on my twitter account: @weird_oo.
I’m not a hair guru (I’m still learning myself!) But I can help out when I can.

Please send an email to dopeheart18@gmail.com if you would like to be featured.


8 thoughts on “NH Meets: Chioma

    1. Hi Sandra!
      I use Marley kinky hair for my locs. Usually do them myself so they’re not so tight and stiff. I had my hair in twists so I just wrapped the Marley hair around it really. Only downside is because it’s soft, it gets ‘old’ pretty quickly but hey, people say it looks more natural the older faux locs get!

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