NH Meets: Demi

While I was transitioning and scavenging for information everywhere on the net, I came across Demi’s Instagram and I had a huge crush on her hair for a long time (I’ve never told her that). It was a huge pleasure getting to know her and her hair more.

Can we meet you?
The name’s Carson. Demi Carson. Lol. I’m a student at the College of Medicine, Ibadan by day, and a professional photographer by night (daytime included actually, but you get the point).

When and why did you go natural?
I went back to being natural Nov 9, 2011. I say back because I had natural hair all my growing years and only just relaxed my hair (out of curiousity) when I got into uni. For all of two years, I had relaxed tresses but it never quite felt the same. I wanted my thick, bouncy natural hair back. At the time I started transitioning (I didn’t even know that was what I was doing), I didn’t realise there was a natural hair movement going on worldwide or that it was going to gather this much attention. I was just being the usual rebel I am, not wanting to have the same hair as everyone. My hair was very healthy in its relaxed state, I just didn’t like it. I hated the limpness that came with newly retouched hair. I made do with always setting/ curling my hair. I just needed big hair! Hair with life and character. Voila natural hair!


People’s reactions to your going natural?
As I said, I had been natural growing up so there wasn’t so much of a reaction from my family. My dad didn’t even notice I’d cut my hair till a month or so later. With almost 5 months of new growth o. So you can imagine I already had a nice afro going on. As for strangers, the usual ‘OmG! You cut your hair!’ ‘Wow, your long fine hair’. Bla bla bla. It took a while for people to get used to it because I was that girl who was always doing crazy/fun stuff to her hair and all that hair was gone. But hey, they survived, my hair survived/grew, everybody’s happy now. Not like I’d have cared if anyone had anything crappy to say though, but thankfully, everyone was on their best behaviour.


Do you have a special name for your hair?
It started out as a joke/me catching trips/being silly, but yes, I do have a name for my hair. ‘Shaniqua’. That’s Ms Shanaynay to you. Lol. (Yes, shanaynay from the Martin Show).


What is your hair like?
My hair has a mind of its own. Not to be forced into submission. You do what she wants. Never the other way round. A healthy mix of 4b and 4a at the nape. 4c strands somewhere in the mix as well. But if we’re being strict, my hair is a 4b. I haven’t done a length check in a very long time, but last I did, I was past armpit length. Probably at bra strap length now. Dunno.


Describe your hair care regimen
I keep my regimen very simple. No need for fancy products. That’s mostly because I’m a broke student and as such, can’t afford frivolities. Lol. Natural hair care can be very expensive but Demi makes do with what she has and so far has been very successful. Moisture, moisture and more moisture. That’s the key for me. No dryness in this zone. When I had shorter hair I used to cowash twice or so weekly, clarify once a month, deep condition biweekly or monthly. It was convinient. Now, not so much. Wash day is literally wash DAY for me. It takes the whole bloody day to get through all the processes. And you want me to do that weekly? Aint nobody got time. Plus my hair is almost always in a protective style these days anyways, so…. Works for me.
Water, DIY shea butter mix, staples in my regimen. In choosing leave in conditioners, I look out for humectants. Glycerin, propylene glycol, honey etc. And of course they have to be water based. Right now I use lustrasilk’s after shampoo curl restorer and profectiv leave in as my leave in conditioners/moisturiser. For some extra juice, I use jack 5 curl activator gel. This product is gold!
Because of med school, I’m never really able to do anything crazy with my hair. But last year, I decided ‘you know what, fuck it. I’m going HAM’. Decided to colour my tips purple/plum. Didn’t quite work out as right now, my hair is two toned. Black base and golden-brown-maroonish tips. Ill definitely retry. I know where I went wrong. Demi never gives up.


Hair goal(s)?
Hair goal for last year was healthy hair. It still is. But I’m thinking this year, gain a few inches maybe? Protective style more? A little length never hurt nobody. I hope to style my hair more this year as well. Experiment. Life is short!


1. Be very patient.
2. Finger detangle.
3.Moisture is your best friend.
4. Enjoy the journey.
5. Be curious. Follow hair blogs. Read. Experiment.
6. Cut your coat according to your size. You don’t need to break the bank on cantu shea butter if you reeeeallly can’t afford it. There’s always an alternative. Find your level.
7. Don’t join the natural hair gang just because everyone is doing it. Just don’t. Its not a fad.
8 Love your hair whichever way it comes. Your hair
won’t be the same as the next man’s.
MisscookieGT once wrote that sometimes she
wishes she had kinkier (class 4) hair. I almost died. WHATTTT! She has the most beautiful class 3 (I
believe) curls ever. Me I’m here envying her hair,
she’s wishing she had hair like mine. There’s no perfect hair. Your hair is your own. Love it. Nurture it. Your hair can and will be beautiful if you treat it right. Someone out there loves that exact same thing you hate about your hair. Never forget that.

How can we reach you?
Follow me on twitter at @demi_carson, IG at @demicarson . Follow my hair blog Or send me a personal email at ademisola_b@yahoo.com

Please send an email to dopeheart18@gmail.com if you would like to be featured.

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