5 Things I’m Loving This Week

2/8/2015 – 9/8/2015


1.) This Bitch Of A Life

The Autobiography of Fela. This book is such an interesting read, I was sad to give it back to the owner. Although I disagree with some of Fela’s ideas on how women should be treated, the slangs and general humor of the book makes up for any misgiving I might have.


2.) DIY: Crochet Wig

I love DIYs when I’m not lazy to actually do them, if you missed the recent one on the blog which is super easy to do if you take your time with it, you can view it now; http://bit.ly/1gM9oEr

3.) New Look

After about 2 months of ‘wigging’ it, I finally had something done to my hair. I’ve had braid done so many times this year so that wasn’t even an option. I’m really loving the straight hair look and its sooo easy to maintain.

4.) Bland2Glam Neckpiece

I got this neckpiece from StyleVitae and although I haven’t had the Vance to wear it yet, it’s one of the few things I like looking at.


5.) Memes

With the #SecSchoolInNigeria trend earlier on Twitter, I saw a lot of funny memes this week but I really liked this by one of my favorite hair crush; Naptural85
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