PRODUCT REVIEW: Glow By Hairffiliation Lemon Glow Scrub

I received the Glow by Hairffiliation Lemon Glow Scrub along with some other products some months back and I’ve been using them ever since, this one is my favorite from the bunch so I decided to share.

Price: 800 Naira

Size: There wasn’t any on the labeling but it comes in a small tub.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, honey, oils (coconut, avocado, jojoba, lavender, lemon), rose water, lemon juice, vitamin E and

Product Claim: “This concotion will exfoliate and moisturize your skin thereby keeping it fresh and supple”

My Experience

It’s no secret that I’m in love with the Hairffiliation brand, the combination of affordability and products that actually work gets me every single time. I’ve used this scrub for a little over a month now and love that the scrub doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry after use but has this moisturizing feel afterwards. This scrub is quite abrasive so you’ll have to be extra gentle when using on the face and on sensitive skin. I don’t have sensitive skin so it’s quite alright for me. I use this scrub twice a week, daily use is not recommended. I also tried using as an alternative for my DIY scalp exfoliator which I talked about here and it works just fine when used gently. Yes to multiple uses!

Glow by Hairffiliation

Rating: 8/10

Would I Purchase? Yes

Where To Buy: Hairffiliation online store


What body scrubs do you use for your face & body?

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