Get Fuller Edges in 2 Minutes With Toppik

If like me you’re always in a constant hide and seek game with your edges, this post would show you how to get fuller edges in two minutes! Earlier this year, I posted my progress with my edges after sticking to my scalp massage regimen, then I got this not-so-great idea to get braids done and all my hard work went down the drain. I heard of hair fibers in 2013 but the price was outrageous at that time; about 15 000 Naira. I came across it recently again and finally decided to give it a try! Continue reading “Get Fuller Edges in 2 Minutes With Toppik”


How To Care For Your Hair Tools

It’s easy to neglect taking care of our hair tools and depending on how often you use them, product buildup could lead to the accumulation of dirt and germs that have harmful effects to your hair. The frequency with which you use your hair tools would determine how often you need to wash and clean them. Personally, I choose a day of the week to do that.

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Harmattan Survival Guide


“Say no to dry and ashy”

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Product Review: Hairffiliation African Black Soap X Giveaway

Price: 1000 Naira

Size: Tub of about 500g

Ingredients: Raw African black soap, honey, carrier oils, essential oils, vitamin C & ❤️

Product Claim: African Black Soap is suitable for any skin type and can be used daily. It improves skin tone, clears ski n irritations, has a deep cleansing action and is an effective exfoliant.

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Wash That Weave !




It’s my birthday month too, I’ll be a year older on the 11th, which is another Election Day coincidentally. Last month made this blog a year old! I think a giveaway is in order and I’ll let you guys know as soon as possible.

Now on to the matter of the day, if you’re one of the ladies that believe once you get a sew-in weave, you’re free from all wash day duities, stop reading this and apologize to your hair and weaves (seriously). Sometimes you pass by some females and the stench from the weaves just make you want to stop breathing (this used to be me 3 years back, welp). On Monday, I finished from school early and decided to wash my weave, I had been postponing this for about 2 days. It’s a short weave so you might want to make out a day to wash longer weaves or use the dry shampoo method; I’ll put up a post on that later.

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Harmattan and Hair

Currently, the weather over here has been less than favorable and we have been receiving more than our normal share of the cold, dry, harmattan winds. Our hair has to be kept well hydrated just as our skin this period. Protective styling is the first thing that should come to mind, because no matter how dedicated to caring for your natural hair you are, leaving it out during this period and going through bi-daily moisturizing and sealing would take its toll on you. If hair is not properly taken care of, it would become dry and prone to breakage.
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Washing in Cornrows

Hey Guys!
This is really just an impromptu post. Before this evening, my hair was tucked beneath a weave but then I started having an awful headache and I have a test to study for, I had this overpowering itch to pour water on my head but I was considering other things like; I just had this weave installed less than two weeks ago, I have no idea what I’ll be doing to my hair next if I decide to take it out. In the end, I gave in and took it out. Now the super lazy part of me kept pushing me to wash the hair without loosening the cornrows the weave was attached to and I did 🙈

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Kinky Crochet Hair Update

Happy New Month!
      In my last post , I said I was going to redo the whole dipping process because I wasn’t happy with the results I got. I did that three days ago because I became sick the next day.


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