6 Struggles Only Girls With 4C Hair Would Understand 

When I chopped off all my relaxed ends, hair-typing was one of the things I found totally unnecessary until I tried certain styles and products that my 3A YouTube sisters were raving about but was an epic fail for me. After extensive research, I finally concluded that I have  4C hair even though I wanted 4A hair with all those baby curls. Don’t know your hair type or not sure what all I just wrote means? Check How to Know Your Hair Type

Shrinkage on 4C natural hair

1.) I swear I have long hair, let me just pull these strands real quick 

a.k.a Shrinkage. I’m tired of explaining to people why I still have “short” hair after nearly four years of grooming and caring for my natural hair. Take away all the color jobs and inevitable big chops that followed them, I still have a good 10″ in length. But will my shrinkage allow me show it off? No. Will I cry about it? No Will I accept said shrinkage and just allow my hair flourish? Yes!

2.) What is even a “dime-sized” amount?

Forget it, there’s no such thing as a dime-sized amount for doing anything with 4C hair; styling, washing, nothing. 

Humidity on 4C Natural hair
3.) Someone please explain this humidity thing

Let’s say you finally managed to get that Bantu knot out or twist-out right and you already did ten back-flips internally because oh, such joy! Fast forward to two hours later, you’re going about your business of the day and mistakenly pass by a mirror but your reflection doesn’t mirror what you saw earlier in the morning, yup, hello humidity. Basically, what humidity does is draw moisture in the air into your hair strands and ruin your perfect twist out but hey! now you have extra moisturized strands.

Photo credit: Pinterest

4.) Why won’t my curls and twist out come out like the YouTube video I watched?

Because you probably do not have the same hair type as the person in the YouTube tutorial or your hair just doesn’t want that particular style, leave it. Jk. Sometimes it takes more than one try to achieve a particular style. With the right technique, products and patience, you’ll become a style guru in no time. I personally don’t like manipulating my hair plus I have styling restrictions in school right now so wigs are the go-to for me. 

5.) Why are my strands so in love with each other?

a.k.a tangling. I can’t wash my hair and just go or leave it without doing cornrows or twists to keep the knots at bay. My hair doesn’t tangle as much but any semblance of knots literally drive me crazy. If your hair tangles badly, a detangling conditioner and styles that keep your hair stretched should be your best friends.

6.) So when do we get break-free combs?

Personally, my hair has broken only one comb and I was weirdly happy that my thin, fine 4C hair could break a comb, never mind that said comb was already weak. I have a friend that has given up on combs and is now a pro at finger-detangling. I mean one would think that we would have anti-breakage combs by now.

Can you relate to these struggles? Are there others you would like to share? Leave a comment! 

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