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It’s my birthday!!!!

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If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you would already know today is my birthday, I haven’t been able to shut up about it. I took a few days to reflect on what I’ve done and achieved this past year and I was truly overwhelmed. I’m grateful for the constant support I receive from my friends and strangers alike, you guys are amazing, thank you!

P.S: I love food and envelopes that contain money as birthday presents.

I get questions all the time on where to purchase wig making supplies and tools in Nigeria, trust me it was a huge struggle for me when I first started too. Thankfully, all your many questions pushed me to finally do something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time; curate a beginner-friendly wig making kit. After 3 years of making wigs and teaching others how to make wigs, I’ve been able to put all my knowledge (and love) into curating 20 wig kits and the great part is, as a way to celebrate my birthday, 20% of the proceeds from the wig kit sale goes to The Dorcas Cancer Foundation.

The Dorcas Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was founded to support children suffering from cancer in Nigeria, as well as their families. Our mission is to ensure early detection, accurate diagnosis and prompt & proper treatment of all childhood cancers in Nigeria.

You can find out more about The Dorcas Cancer Foundation and how you can lend a direct helping hand here

What Is In Your Wig Kit?

1 large size pierce-able mannequin head

1 table clamp

2 regular adjustable wig caps

1 large thread

2 curved needles

4 T-pins

1 yard of elastic band

2 alligator clips

3 wig clips

1 latch hook

Price: 10 000 Naira

How To Purchase

Send a mail to with “Wig Kit” as the subject

Whatsapp/Call: +2348064227177


Lagos orders – 2-3 days

Outside Lagos – 5-8 days

Outside Nigeria – 14 days

Note: You can order items off the wig kit separately.

P.S: I love reading all of your birthday messages and wishes, spam me EVERYWHERE

How To Care For Wigs

Happy New Month Guyssss

I get the “how do I take care of my wigs?” question a lot so I decided to finally put this out. Hopefully, it answers your questions concerning wig care and is as helpful as it was to others I’ve given a summary of this.
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Get Wigged 2: #TheLagosWigMakingWorkshop

I mentioned here that there were already talks of another workshop, we loved the feedback we got from the first and decided to give it another go so more people can benefit from the workshop/training. We got requests to have workshops in different states and hopefully we would get around to doing just that some time in the nearest future but for this second edition, we’ll be sticking to our main base; Lagos! Everything you need to know about the workshop is stated below and remember we’ll only be taking a few people to ensure it’s a hands-on experience!

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Recap: Get Wigged #TheLagosWigMakingWorkshop

After months of planning for the workshop, it finally held last week Saturday! (you can read the introductory post I did on it here. We started the workshop at 12p.m on the dot with introductions and basic knowledge of wig making. After that, we made sure every participant learnt and practiced the following:

  • How to make a crochet wig
  • Techniques for threading needles
  • How to make a U-part wig
  • How to make a wig using lace closures
  • How to make a wig with the round closing method for bangs/fringe/side parts without lace closures.

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The Wig Making Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, Ella of NaturalGirlOnABudget came to me with the idea of organizing a wig making workshop to train a few women on the art and processes involved in making wigs. I was excited and jumped on it because honestly, wig making is a good way of earning money whether as a major source of income or as a side hustle or just as a hobby for yourself and friends. We contacted Tosin of NaijaNaturals and she readily accepted to assist in making it a reality (Thank you!). We’ve tried as much as possible to be fair with the pricing considering the recent economy recession, but you have to spend money to get money, right? All the details are available below:

When: 8th of October.

Time: 12p.m – 6p.m

Where: Venue details are sent upon registration.

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