Life Lately: October – December

2016 was a one of a kind year, the kind that has a special section in the history books. I tried to keep track and you can find out what I got up to in the first, second and third quarter of this year  herehere  and here.

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Harmattan Survival Guide


“Say no to dry and ashy”

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My Top 5 Hairstyles of 2016

While going through my pictures and editing my last post for 2016 (which I’ll put out on the 31st, cliche?), I noticed I had worn over 10 protective styles this year alone and decided to showcase my favorites this year, you can also tell me yours in the comment section, I’ll really like to know. In no particular order, they are;

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The Albimazing December Subscription Box

One word: Amazing.

“The Albimazing subscription box is a natural and organic skincare box that aims to make your journey to better skin as simple and effective as possible”

I’ve always loved the idea of subscription boxes and was literally over the moon when I was told I would be receiving one, it’s like receiving a surprise gift from yourself every month especially if you go for the six-month plan (which grants you access to extra discounts on payment by the way). 

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Scalp Massage 101

I love scalp massages whether they are done using the tip of my fingers or my Ultimate Grow Scalp Massager from SavvyChic/NaijaHairCanGrow. I’m currently dealing with traction alopecia (story for another post, coming soon) and scalp massages are now an important part of my daily hair care routine. If you aren’t already getting scalp massages done, I’m going to be highlighting why and how you can.

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Win An Amazing Christmas Beauty Box + Braids Wig

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrrrrr

Cue Christmas songs that comes to mind.

It’s no secret that Christmas gets me really excited. I’ve had such a good year and I’m so grateful for everyone that reads, comments and share blog posts. Sometimes I feel like giving up on this blogging thing but then I get emails that really just push me to want to be better, you did that!

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My Fall Inspired Look

Hi Everyone!!!

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The Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

Gifting can always be a tricky experience especially if you’re not sure what the other person wants, you start wondering if the person would like the gift(s) and if you shouldn’t have probably just asked them what they want in the first place. With Christmas around the corner and Black Friday sales popping up at every store, this is most likely the best time to get that holiday gift and save money while at it. This post provides ideas on  beauty products to get for  women.

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