Dee Lagos Bloggers Brunch

If you follow the blog on Instagram (if not, why? Stop reading and follow ‘Nappyhaired’) you would  know I was really excited to attend the Lagos Bloggers Brunch which was hosted by Desola Mako of and tagged DeeMako Lagos Bloggers Brunch. Prior to it, there hasn’t been an event put together for bloggers to meet, network and exchange ideas, thumbs up to her  for succes sfully pulling this off.


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Daltimore Collections Debuts ”URBANITY”

Nigerian fashion label Daltimore presents a debut collection titled:
U R B A N I T Y (A native Danshiki inspired collection)
The collection was borne out of the need to create timeless pieces that could be viewed as both comfortable and stylish. The URBANITY pieces shows the grandeur of an urban man and woman through androgynous pieces which are an eclectic blend of urban fashion and native culture, each piece telling its own story.

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