NH Meets: Ifeoma

Can we meet you?

My name is Ifeoma Nnewuihe and I’m a 300 level student of English, Arts, Unilag. I’m also a fashion enthusiast and designer.

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NH Meets: Demi

While I was transitioning and scavenging for information everywhere on the net, I came across Demi’s Instagram and I had a huge crush on her hair for a long time (I’ve never told her that). It was a huge pleasure getting to know her and her hair more.

Can we meet you?
The name’s Carson. Demi Carson. Lol. I’m a student at the College of Medicine, Ibadan by day, and a professional photographer by night (daytime included actually, but you get the point).
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NH Meets: Chioma

Sometime last week, I casually asked if anyone knew girls with natural hair on my Twitter timeline, I honestly wasn’t expecting an answer, but then I came across Chioma and she was gracious enough to answer all my questions promptly plus her hair is amazing!

Can we meet you?
My name is Chioma and I’m a student living in Scotland.
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