crochet twist


Crochet twists are fun, easy to do protective style that still give you access to properly take care of your hair. A protective style would help to protect your hair from harsh summer rays and pool chemicals but still ensure you pay attention to your natural hair underneath.

Unraveled Twist

Apply a bit of coconut oil to your palms and gently unravel each twist, the coconut oil helps to prevent the hair from frizzing. The unraveled twists make for a bigger and bolder look.
crochet hair styling

Half up, Half down

Take a section from the front part of the hair and secure it firmly with an elastic band. Loosen the secured section by lightly tugging at the underlying bit to conceal the elastic band.

Top Bun

Take the sectioned part from style 3 and roll it on itself, secure the end with a bobby pin or another elastic band.
accessorizing crochet hair


Throw on your favorite accessory to complement your look; a headband, headchain, flower crown, the options are endless.

In all, don’t forget to pay attention to your natural hair, ensure you wash, moisturize and seal regularly. Don’t leave a protective style in for too long and best of all, soak in the warm sun rays and have fun!
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Styling: Instagram.com/Adekemmi
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Product Review: Krochet Kulture Twists

Length: 24″

Size: 120g (12 twists in a pack)

Material: Toyokalon Fibre

Price: 3000 Naira

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DIY: Wigs


One of my resolutions for this year is to try more protective styles and my go-to is wigs. They’re perfect for protective styling and still give you access to your hair to wash, deep condition and have all the necessary treatments on weekends or at your free time. If you’re are a beginner at wig making, you might want to try making wigs using the flip over method or bonding glue to help with the closure. There is a video at the end of this post to guide you. When you feel more confident, you can try using the lace closure.

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Brazillian Wool Twists

Early this year I heard of Brazillian wool but didn’t pay any attention to it until a friend used it to braid her hair. It was very ‘different’ for sure. The texture is silkier, smoother and feels more like kanekalon hair than the regular wool, it mimics kinky hair when braided/twisted. I had to explain to quite a number of people that it wasn’t, only two people recognized it as Brazillian wool. Apparently, it has been in use in other countries but only recently in Nigeria. It can be used for hairstyles like  twists, braids, faux locs, just about anything you would use regular braiding hair for.

brazillian wool

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DIY: Crochet Wig

I apologize for being MIA these past weeks but I’ve been busy, and well lazy. I finally got off my lazy behind and made this crochet wig. Nobody tells you how much work it takes, I mean you would think it is pretty easy when you watch a 15-minute clip on YouTube but it takes a really long time and a good deal of patience. 

What You’ll Need

Marley hair (or any bulk hair of your choice really)

Latch hook or big bobby pins

Mannequin head

Wig nets

Bendy rollers

Hot water
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New Look; Beauty is Pain

Happy New Month!
I’m writing this post in a great
deal of pain, ibuprofen has
definitely lost its effect on me, my
only consolation right now is that I
look great! So I decided to give
protective styling a whole different
approach since braids wasnt
cutting it for me; I’ve had braids
twice this year and they both didnt
make it past two weeks for me, I
tried two different salons so it
definitely had to do with my hair.
For this look, I used three
bundles of 20″ hair and one bundle
of 8″ hair all from Dazzle Hair
(check the where-to page for
more.info) and it was very
affordable too! I did a protein
treatment with Dr Miracle’s Deep
Conditioner the night before on
freshly washed hair. I decided to
install the hair at a salon located in
my school, when I walked in, I
could feel the piercing stare of a
particular stylist on my head and I
silently prayed she wouldnt be the
one handling my hair, but I was out
of luck today. I made myself
comfortable, explained to the male
stylist what I wanted and he
assured me I was in good hands
(he couldnt have been more
wrong), ten minutes later, ‘miss-piercing-stare’ was walking
towards me with those tiny blue
tail combs, I kept pretending to be
busy with my phone hoping she’d
walk past me. “Aunty raise your
head” was the next thing I heard,
the whole braiding process was
tedious; I had to keep telling her
what to do every step of the way.
The guy who did the sewing made
it no secret that he was in a hurry
to attend to someone else, he kept
pulling my head in every direction.
Anyway, two hours later I was
done and bam !


  Reposted from my previous blog.


Many naturals use
braids(Senegalese, Havanna
Twists, Ghana Briads, e.t.c) as a
go-to protective style to grow
longer and stronger hair. I’ve had braids installed twice this year because I had exams and just needed to tuck my hair away x_x, so I decided to share a few tips I use in maintaining my hair and braids. It’s advisable to do a deep
condition first to ensure that your
hair and scalp are strong enough
to handle the tension and extra
weight of the braids. For my deep
condition, I used Shea Moisture
Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep
Treatment Masque mixed with
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and applied it
liberally to my hair after which I put
on a shower cap and let sit for 45
minutes, did my regular co-wash
using TreSemme Naturals
While braiding, ensure you dont get
all of your edges braided or use
larger sections when braiding the
front to distribute some of the
tension along the edges to prevent
breakage. Also make sure the
braids are not too tight, although the hair dressers over here have a mind of their own. After getting the braids done, you could wash once every two weeks or once a week especially if you have a lot of product build-up from using greases, oils or special
products. I use my regular
shampoo and conditioner but I
squeeze the braids while washing
and conditioning to make sure the
products get into the braids and
work effectively.
While you have the braids on, it’s
important to remember you still
have to moisturise regularly, you
could use a braid spray or spritz
liquid moisturiser frequently. I use
a water and glycerine spritz daily
to moisturize, after which I apply
my own handmade mixture which
consist of shea butter, vitale
conditioner for natural hair and
Swiss Jardin Indian Hemp hair
cream. I also use Organic Root Stimulator Olive Edge Control to smoothen out my edges and keep it in check.
To purchase products in Nigeria,
visit Olori’s for a wide
range of products.