New Look; Beauty is Pain

Happy New Month!
I’m writing this post in a great
deal of pain, ibuprofen has
definitely lost its effect on me, my
only consolation right now is that I
look great! So I decided to give
protective styling a whole different
approach since braids wasnt
cutting it for me; I’ve had braids
twice this year and they both didnt
make it past two weeks for me, I
tried two different salons so it
definitely had to do with my hair.
For this look, I used three
bundles of 20″ hair and one bundle
of 8″ hair all from Dazzle Hair
(check the where-to page for and it was very
affordable too! I did a protein
treatment with Dr Miracle’s Deep
Conditioner the night before on
freshly washed hair. I decided to
install the hair at a salon located in
my school, when I walked in, I
could feel the piercing stare of a
particular stylist on my head and I
silently prayed she wouldnt be the
one handling my hair, but I was out
of luck today. I made myself
comfortable, explained to the male
stylist what I wanted and he
assured me I was in good hands
(he couldnt have been more
wrong), ten minutes later, ‘miss-piercing-stare’ was walking
towards me with those tiny blue
tail combs, I kept pretending to be
busy with my phone hoping she’d
walk past me. “Aunty raise your
head” was the next thing I heard,
the whole braiding process was
tedious; I had to keep telling her
what to do every step of the way.
The guy who did the sewing made
it no secret that he was in a hurry
to attend to someone else, he kept
pulling my head in every direction.
Anyway, two hours later I was
done and bam !


  Reposted from my previous blog.