How I Care For My Braids & Weaves

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how I care for my hair beneath braids/twists and weaves, although I have no strict regimen for that, I’ll try  to be as detailed as possible in this post. Before I got the Dark and Lovely Braids n Weaves hair care line (which was an answer to a silent prayer), my regimen consisted mostly of just spraying with water and oiling, I tried getting dry shampoos over here because sometimes I just don’t want to get your braids/weaves wet from shampooing/washing with water, the closest I got to a dry shampoo was Batiste from Jumia and it didn’t work well with my hair. I’ve used the Dark and Lovely range and it does exactly what I want it to do.

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 7 Useful Salon Tips

Do Your Research

Before you try out a new salon, read reviews of that salon or ask for the opinion of others you know have been to the said salon. Sometimes, you might have a totally different experience from another but it doesn’t hurt to go in armed with information.

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